May 29, 2009

LevyLi's Farewell

Went Metropo bar ytd with Josh and darling Leo to attent the farewell of Miss Malaysia Universe 08'/09' - LevyLi

It's kinda great to see all the Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 finalists there... but i still think LevyLi is the most beautiful one among them la. haha !

My dearest , Leonard Chua.

(Me & Yvonne)

Met a hot chic new fren, Natalie Fong there as well... (mmm..even i feel like kissing her , hee opps.. =s )
(me, Natalie, Derek, Leonard)
well based on what i observed, the event was so-so only despite seeing all the hot chics n of cuz, the beer . =p

O lala~ Levy is hot ,isn't she? *smile*
Do check out =)


EVo said...

Checking in on adeline-shixin today! hehe

thought of going that night..but had other plans lor ^^

btw i'm very confidently saying that u, adeline can contest for this la. sure get quarterfinals at least.

ShiXin said...

haha thanks for dropping by Evo . oh wow quarterfinals?? haha got anot o..haha 1st thing also not qualified d, not enough tall.. =s