Nov 22, 2010

FINALLY, everything is over. Exams finished. SOTA has passed. And now I have time again to blog. Weehee :D Well, just a short one. :)

Just that I thought I can relax and all when I'm back to hometown.. I'm down with fever ! Oh my, what a timing :( oh well, but I'm taking it positively, you won't see a patient still jumping around when they are sick. haha thats what I do, jumping around n still joke with my sis trying to psycho myself that I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick . Lol.

Arh I'm so gonna miss u guys.. especially those who are real close with me. Flying off this Friday already and I hope everything will be smooth there :) Heard it'll will snowing ! Hahahaha.. weeeee *turns around and peace* haha !

And oh, looking forward to this Friday, hehehehehe gonna torture 'someone' hard ! bahahahahhahahaha ! *evil* hehe nah, just joking la.. we'll have a good time together ;p *wink*

I think thats all for now, will update u all when I went to Beijing ! Loves . xoxo .

Oct 14, 2010


Been to 7aste last Friday and it was such an honor to be invited as VIP :D
There were sport cars parking outside the entrance and I feel like a superstar entering to the place. HAhaha ! The place was glam ! And of course how would I forget to bring ma crazy friends to party together with me? Hehe. Oh well, let the pictures do the talking !
Here are my guests ! :)
[L to R] KC, Sarah, Alexis, Me, Evelyn, WeiXin, Sheue Yi

We had 3 Bottles of complimentary champagne AND FREE FLOW of Beer !!! Heaven! XD

Here comes the super cool magician, Zlwin to perform some awesome magic to us ! OMG OMG the Fork just bend and twisteddd in just few seconds :O

Me, Zlwin, Alicia and Jolene :)

Pretty Alicia :D
Xiang :)
Evie, Sheue Yi, WeiXin, Leonard, Me and Sarah babe
The Boyfie :)
Dar n me !

Hahahaha I just love this pic, they look so cute !
They had some awesome performances also.. Hot chicks shaking booties on stage woohoo !

Beer and champagne! She loves it till max!!! Haha!!

Poser dar & Cheeky WeiXin XP

Cheers ! :)
Sarah babe !! :)

It has been an awesome night experiencing such fabulous event by 7aste :) Enjoy every bit of it! Oh well, thats about it. I can't wait for the next one already. WHEN IS THE NEXT 7ASTE? XD XD

{pic credit: KC, YongXiang, Nelson & Feeq}

Oct 4, 2010

好玩~!! hehehe :D


Yay 7ASTE is back in KL ! I'm really excited about it :D

Well they had MONTE CARLO as their theme this time round. Seriously I Can't wait to go back again as I had a really good experience of this event last time. The free flow of beverages and the performances... Just so amazing!
Woohoo come and experience the glamorous lifestyle of MONTE CARLO which has prepared for you by 7ASTE!
It is exclusively for 7ASTE members as non-members will be charged RM77 each at the entrance. BUT but but... you can simply get yourself invited and become a member by just registering at without charge. Now, what are you waiting for ? *wink
Haha, so I'll see you there :)

Sep 25, 2010

Mooncake Festival

Woots ! Its Mooncake festival again ! And this time round my housemates had all decided to celebrate the festival together by having steamboat dinner :)

Honestly, after nine months of staying here together with em' , this is ma first time which I really get to sit down and dinner with ALL of them. I totally love the moments we spent ! :)

Me, Joy, Yi Hui, Sujun, WeiXin, Kylie, Swati


Guess What? We have our very own DUMPLING SIFU !!! HAhaha.. I seriously think that she'll sure become a very good housewife next time.. ;p

Eh Sujun, Your lou gong must be very hang fuk lerh.. Hehe..
And here we are eating and playing at the same time.. :D

Ouh Finally...! Our TANG LONG TIME yay ! XD weeeheee...After eating and cleaning all the stuff we straight away went out of our condo and we are all ready to play! XD Not forgetting to call up Alexis to come over to join us also since she was like alone at home .. awww kesian ini budak.. hahaha!

Candlessssss ! *love*

The housemates :) Ouh, havent introduce you our very own VIP photographer on that day, Sheue Yi, who is at the most right of the picture :)
Heart the pictures all ! XD

and while I was happily playing lantern with the housemates, suddenly I realized that dar was on the other side playing candles herself. So just went over and check out what she was doing.......









And to ma surprise....
. .



:O Tadda!!!!!!



How beautiful.............................................


Love you all so much housemates ! You have no idea how you guys have brighthen up my life :) Such joy to meet you all and stay together. MUACKS !

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone :)


(Photo credits to SheueYi & Alexis)

Sep 20, 2010

Thanks for taking this pic, you know who you are ;p
Simply love it.

A getaway to Bukit Tinggi 2

Honestly, I'm still missing the trip to Bukit Tinggi.. Its been so good as this trip has built my body, mind and soul. :)
Da LOVELY people !

Jump shot! Me, Alexis and Sophia.. XD
And here we are in the Japanese Garden :D
My superwoman, Shirley.. Darling, Leonard :* .. Me & Darning Alexis :D

Kimono!! XD XD
Iv'e been telling them that I wanna wear it even before going to Bukit Tinggi..Im sure they get really annoyed for me keep on repeating the same thing again n again n again .... Teeee ! :p

Muacks ! :D

'Addy Jump' HAHA

The cool Gang !
I'm So glad to have you guys as part of ma life :)
The wolf game, the climb and the Word.
wonderful cell retreat :)


Signing off,