Jun 29, 2009

Amazing Week

Weeheee~~!! Love LOve LOVE this week !! It has been an exciting n fun week for me , as now it's STILL my holiday ... I can do whatever I want, go wherever I can ,meet up with whoever I wanna meet up ..

And well I guess I'll just summarize it for u guys for what ive been doing this week . . haha. .

Wednesday :
Date darl in Midvalley n had my favourite Nando's for dinner !

Thursday :

Went back college to take my foundation (MUFY) final results. I got an unexpected results that almost make me jump down from the second floor ( where the staff room is). . . TADDA ~~!

! YAY !
Damn happy and proud of myself .. bwahahahaha ! I'm quite perasan I know. LOL

Then hang out together with Shaheen , Angela, Oscar , Tsu Ann and Jarvis in Pyramid .. and we went for TRANSFORMERRRRSS !! Man , it was AWESOMEEEE !! Those who haven't watch I advice u don't sit in front of the computer already or pack your laptop up n get ur ass up to hit the nearest cinema..! don't care how long the queue is , just LINE UP N BUY the ticket !! It's worth it okayy!! hahaha..



The sweet couple

And the HOT HOT Megan Fox .. slurrrpp

We went back bout 9pm and guess what? I met up again with Chean n Mei for karaoke..


Friday :

DURIAN PARTY in Sam's house !


Durian unite people together !! LOL... Actually we wanna go clubbing after that but heard that after eating Durian we can't drink alcohol , if not you'll



Saturday :

Watch Transformers again !

But this time was with 100 of our friends!! woohoo!! Half of the cinema hall was booked by us and full of our own people.. LOL.. how cool is that !

Oh ya, you'll find me random telling u this but I think I need to tell.... I actually got the same seat number as the first time I watched Transformers... =S so coincident man.. cus this time wasn't us that can choose the number as it was my fren distributing it.

scary lorrr...

(photo credits to Evo)

After the movie I went back with Chean for dinner.

Notice how much we can eat? I'm definately gonna get FAT !

Ermmm actually........... we also went mamak after that..


Sunday :

Stay in condo the whole day and finish watching this drama !

Whoaaa... I love this drama man ! Go n watch then you'll know what i mean.hehe...

Monday :

Which is today.. Came back Seremban and received a letter..



Yay !! can enter Monash d... !!


Orientation will be on 13thJuly, two more weeks to have fun !

And I'm gonna make sure it will be fruitful too =)

Stay tuned.....


Leonard said...

Wahh Your Results.. So Geng..

I wanna hide my face d.

Love You Dear...Good Job !

my secret skygarden said...

I love the drama too!! you know wat? the 1st time i do after my exam today is ---> continue the last episode !! hahahaha.. and welcome to moanash!! ~

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

hahaha!i love tat DIE icon!hahaha

u 4gt to tag my peace thr...hahaha

monash n sunway same same near,more karaoke cumin on! sing until v broke!wahaha

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

ohya,tat Megan Fox pic thr...
totally~~~~~ arghhhhhhh!!!
i'm havin tat sudden urge again!!

ShiXin said...

Leo ~ Thanks darling, you are good too =) muacks !

Siawvun ~ Hahaha serious? last episode nice eh ?? hehe, so damn chi kik lerr.. enjoy your holiday ya ! hugz babe !

Chean ~ Jing dian leh !! hahaha that emoticon damn cute. what tag your peace?? yalarh actually near near only.. still staying the same place . hahaha !!! yerrrrrr... u geli lor wanna **** Megan.. CANNOT !! she's mine!!! hehehehehe

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

(\_/) *evil eye*

ShiXin said...

na na na na na~~~~ I don't care~~~ both also mine~~ blerkkkkkkkkk