Jun 20, 2009


Tine was admitted to hospital,
due suspected dengue.
Outta her expectation,
Chean n us gave her a surprise visit in hospital.
She was touched. *smile*
That's what best friends do .
Get well soon , Tine.
We love u lots =)
Muacks !

Photo credits to Wan Chean


EVo said...

Aiseh. i hope tine is ok...was it really dengue?

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

budak ni pandainya grab photo...
u tak write abt juwita suwito de?

ShiXin said...

evo : hope she's ok =)

chean : erm dunu. let u blog bout it marh . lol

蔡庆达 said...

hi.. passing by..
hope ur fren sembuh sonn..
haha.. take care

ShiXin said...

hey there, thx ya =) u take care too =)