Jul 7, 2009


Dunu why but I felt ORANGY today.. mayb cus I

~Wore an orange top today..

~Went to Sunway college..alrite, the building is in orange colour..

~Went Pyramid after that, ohhh... the shopping mall is also orange-based colour.

~Bought an orangy-red dress.. O lala.. It's damn hot..

~Did manicure..and yea its orangy-red colour again.. well, thats because they said its the new trend now, I wonder izit true.

~Went to Pappa Rich.. My cup is orangy-brown colour..

~Went back condo by an orange colour bas ..kay that's the Sunway shutter bas .

~Ohh, then I realised.. SUN-U RESIDENCE is in orange colour as well.

Haha..okay you may find me lame posting this but to be honest I don't really like orange at all but after today, I think orange is actually a nice colour, as its energatic .It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.

If you want to get noticed without screaming.. consider the color orange as it demands attention. xp The softer oranges such as peach are friendlier and more soothing. Peachy oranges are less flamboyant than their redder cousins but still energetic.

In keeping with its transitional appearance in nature, you might use shades of orange to indicate transition or a bridge between two opposing factors.Orange is often synonymous with autumn yet the brighter oranges are a summer color. Use shades of orange for seasonal-themed fall or summer materials.

So, how the colour orange effects us mentally and physically? Well, it actually stimulates activity, stimulates appetite and encourages socialization.It can use it to get people thinking or to get them talking.

Haha and if you drive an orange car, the message you send out to people is fun-loving, talkative, fickle and trendy =p

Interesting huh?

I start to like it now.


eyyy ..now I realised the Blogger icon is in orange as well ! haha !


angieflo said...

hahahahhahah!!!! omg!!! u did not blog this at papa rich also right?! hahahha my goodness... wat good date with urself today huh.

Baldwin said...

orange!..my fav color =)

ShiXin said...

angela ~ hahaha yeah i blog this in Pappa Rich =p yeap a good date with myself ytd. hahaha!

baldwin ~ yeahh, hehe ..nice eh

Adalia said...

i like red colour more. Lolx~ =p!

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

dun ever go thr again!!

but i'm serious,dia punya service reli kanasai sucks!

my secret skygarden said...

HAhaha. you make me feel so orange now too.. kakak

wendyy said...

wahh...you're so pretty.ahaha everything also orange.Btw orange is also my fav color.

ShiXin said...

adalia ~ ok i know, you everything also red punya. shirt la, shoe la, bag la, jacket la.............

chean ~ ui, where u eat last time? in Pyramid meh? haha Pyramid one still okay worhh... doesn't mean Pappa Rich in the whole Malaysia also sucks one marh... still got many shop their service also sucks...m =s

siawvun ~ hehehe, orange lehhh...when u come back you'll feel more orange. your lotion also .. bwahahaha !!

wendy ~ haha thanks. nice colour ya? =)

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

i eat in puchong...hahahaha!
i curse dia zap lap!!
buahaha~! *mean laugh*

ShiXin said...

chean ~ wahseh, ni you bad dao lo =.=

Adalia said...

eh eh eh.. EHHH!!
apa lah kau ni walao eh omg u ar oh 'Too0000T' gosh gosh &*$^%$#~~~~ xDD

So addy r u ok? r u ok?~ xD

ShiXin said...

errr, I shuld ask... are u ok adalia???? hahahahaha

Adalia said...

ek-elehh~~~ abanggg ni jahatt~
heal the world~
make it a better place~
hor iuu and hor mee n the entire human race~
thr r~ some1 crazy~ who is addy-ing thr everwhr~ so make it a better place~ hor iuu n hor mee~

penang zheng jong har mee,hochiak! -.-

ShiXin said...

=.= ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz..... sweat sweat sweat