Sep 20, 2010

A getaway to Bukit Tinggi 2

Honestly, I'm still missing the trip to Bukit Tinggi.. Its been so good as this trip has built my body, mind and soul. :)
Da LOVELY people !

Jump shot! Me, Alexis and Sophia.. XD
And here we are in the Japanese Garden :D
My superwoman, Shirley.. Darling, Leonard :* .. Me & Darning Alexis :D

Kimono!! XD XD
Iv'e been telling them that I wanna wear it even before going to Bukit Tinggi..Im sure they get really annoyed for me keep on repeating the same thing again n again n again .... Teeee ! :p

Muacks ! :D

'Addy Jump' HAHA

The cool Gang !
I'm So glad to have you guys as part of ma life :)
The wolf game, the climb and the Word.
wonderful cell retreat :)


Signing off,

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AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

Haha oinky oink oink!! :P