Sep 2, 2010

Merdeka Dinner, Sweet ! :D

Just as I was bored on the Merdeka Day, suddenly I just thought of something fun to do *evil laugh* which is to give a SURPRISE to my dear Alexis . ^^
So I just find some lame excuses asking her to teman me to go and buy groceries so that I can cook in my hostel. Aha... And to cut the story short, I went to her house in the evening as I know she wont be at home that time...
And WOOHOO ! Here I am to conquere her house !!!! lol ! And yea ! I wanna give her a surprise Merdeka Dinner *patriotic* HEhe..

The ingredients that I've prepared *winks*Awesomeness eh? I know ! =p
And here comes Alexis when she got back home and she was totally ShOcked to the max !! HAhahaAHa... First, surprised to see me at her house and Second, the food on the table !
Hehehehehe...AIYAaaa, I forgot to take her expression for you guys to see !!! lol.. Weee...Let's start nom nom ! I must say it was a memorable dinner for us as we know each other for so long already but yet we did not do this kinda thing before.. haha.. I mean as in we cook and dinner at home. Well, it might be a simple one, but yet its different *smile*
It feels really great to see your loved ones smile when you do some special little things for them sometimes ;)

And oh yea ! Alexis said my soup is AWESOME ! HahaA *jumps around*
Well, thats all for now, Happy Merdeka everyone ! I LOVE u MALAYSIA ! :)


Leonard said...

when ru gonna give me a surprise dinner darling ?

ShiXin said...

Tell u then no surprise d :p

Adalia said...

hmmph! We've been seeing each other for 15years++ and yet you haven't done something like this for me before. I said 'haven't done' so I hope you will do it someday in the future buahahaha. sei lah u~

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

jiejie stress liao~~~ wahahahahaha
meimei lei em han dak gam dor ge la... who ask me is laogong n so lengzai~ hahaha xP
walao my english so

Baldwin said...

me want suprise dinner too! =)

Adalia said...

all want surprise dinner hahah! heyy Janey licked me she wants it too :P inilah padahnya lu x buat utk kite semua. Alexis yeong sui TT

Phoebe Lo said...

can't wait for mine to come! :D

ShiXin said...

wah everybody wants..haha i do one for everybody next time :p we makan together-gether.. lol XD