Jun 4, 2009

An Honest Mistake Rocks!

An Honest Mistake WON at Acoustic Showdown ! Soooo proud of them and especially my darling. XD You guys did a really great job n the songs were awesome !

weeehee..beer again =p

The band members .. Kevin Theng ( drummer ) , Darren Teh ( main vocal/ acoustic guitar ) , Leonard Chua ( electric guitar ) , Eve ( vocalist )

(Baldwin , me )

Once again, CONGRATULATION to An Honest Mistake. All the best n keep it up to rock the world !


Leonard said...

Weeee !!!

Love U Darling !

ShiXin said...

hehe.. so proud of u.. muackzzzz!!!

EVo said...

WAh. so cooold here wei ..... bulu smua naik wei..

ShiXin said...

Aiks hehe sorry Evo, ignore us. LOL

Leonard said...

@EVo: dont u do the same with psychkin too ? ehheehehe

Big MUAkz to my Darling ShiXin !

Careen Tan said...

evo: totally agree! eeeeeeeeeyer...... ;)