Jun 14, 2009


It's been so so long since the last trip with my family.. n since its a school holiday ,dad planned to bring us go Penang for vacation. I've been looking forward to it for so long n man , feel so excited. woohoo~!!

So yeahh, we woke up at 5am in the morning last Friday and hit Penang at630am.. We stop at Bidor at the famous restorant to have brunch.. well compare to last time, the food is not as good already .. arhh disappointed.

Reach Penang bout 12pm n start finding for the hotel we r gonna check-in.We actually dunnu much bout Penang road so we just tembak ...n FINALLYyy we found it ... pheww
Yeaaa babe ~ we stay in Gurney Resort Hotel .. me likey, its just so relaxing to face the sea.....

Headed out again for fooood after we unpack our luggage.
N we found this lil shop selling unagi fish ball keow teow soup.. we are very lucky as after that only we know it's actually quite a famous food stall in Penang.

As you can see it came out from the newspaper before. The meehoon is good, the self-made unagi fish balls are awesome, the beef makes u want more of it, the soup is not so masin..
! Heaven !
Then, the aunty recommend us to buy the pancake across the street.

(sis- Adalia)

It is undeniable awesomely GOOD !!! its crispy outside but soft inside with the jagung flavour and peanuts ..


wonder where am I in this pic? you will never thought of it.. I was actually in an antique shop.. well cus my dad lurves antiquess.

The horn where you sometimes see those rotiman used. haha.

Dad - antique addict.

He spent so long in that antique shop.. arh cant tahan so just went out with sis to visit a temple ourselves.
A MUST-GO place - Gurney Drive hawker stalls.. Went there for dinner n wow check out the crowd! We hardly find a place to sit.
My favourite FRIED OYSTERRRR !! ordered one to share and ONE to myself ! ngekngekngek..

Char keow teow, asam laksa, prawn mee, rojak, pohpiah n etc......
Headed to Batu Ferringi after that to have a drink n chill.. lurve this place called Summer Bistro.

(Fruit punch)

(sis n mum) (me n dad)

We talked n shared alot of things.. It's been long since we last doing that.. So good to keep update with each other bout ourselves and jokes.

Not forgeting to buy the Tambun biscuits n etc. of cus
What a memorable trip with my lovely dad, mum n sis.. =)
Next ~~ MELAKA !


EVo said...

Wah got update, now i'm happy!

sigh penang trip reminds me of our trip last time la addy..tak jadi eat good food cos shop close when we went at night. but summer bistro was unforgettable. super shiok =)

angieflo said...

what??!! u also went penang??/ walao... wat's wrong with this world?? when is my turn man!!!

ShiXin said...

Evo-Hey thanks for viewing my blog haha.. yeahh i wanted to eat u know when the trip we went but we got no time..=( so sad ! but at least we got to go for the Summer Bistro, its awesome! we shuld go another time =p

angela- haha sure got chance to go one dont worry ! next time wannago bring me along k?hahahaha!!! i can bring u to good food marh. *crapping* hee

angieflo said...

hahahha my goodness... think im gonna wait for like another 6 months larh.. sad man. tsu ann also went penang. i miss the bithch larh.. oops~ i mean beach.. hahahhah =p

ShiXin said...

y wait another 6 months? arh she went also? haha great. eh ya worh the bitc...eh type too fast sorry, the beach damn nice u know... ! must go angela=)

angieflo said...

hahahhahahaha damn funny larh you.. cause the next holiday will be after 6 months wert.. no meh? hehehehe...

ShiXin said...

oh ya horrrr... herm . MUST GO angelaaaaa~~!!!!!!