Jun 17, 2009

Meet up with dearies

It was sucha memorable day to meet up with my dearies yesterday night again . I think there has been half a year we din't really see each other n talk.As once we step into college & uni or even work , we have no time to meet each other due to the tonnes of work n assignments.
But now , we are able to meet again as one of my precious dear has came back from Aussie , one has two months break from work, one just finish her foundation and has one month break , and another one...arh , she still has classes but we still can meet tho ehe.. yeap , there r four of us. The energetic, charming, cute , pretty, awesome, fantastic, cool babes !

Well I must say, they changed. In a good way of cus. Become more mature .. *smile* And in another way, they have become prettier, hotter , and yeng-er . LOL. Don't believe? see this.

From high school time :

After two years, there we become...

*drum rolls*




A superstar - Wan Chean

A hottie- Jackie

A sweetie - Christine

And.... me, A.....

(herm, what do u guys think?)

Looking forward to next week , as we're gonna meet again !

Get well soon tine n chean . Muacks .

Love u babess tonnes & tonnes. *hugz*


Leonard said...

I totally agree that all of you have really change to become better.

I mean look at my Baybeh ! She's So HAWT HAWT HAWT !

Baldwin said...

*fuhh...Jackie's hawwttt....fan plsss.. xD

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

wowww!! whr u get tat pic fr?? reli yeng ma me....hahaha

Leonard said...

I got that picture from Genting Photographers. Dim leh ?

i can send u some if u need.

ShiXin said...

Leo - haha thanks baby =) hugz!

Baldwin - yeahh, she's hot huh ? =p

Wanchean - aha toldcha, will send it to u . your mailbox too full larh ..== no space arh.

angieflo said...

well, is easy, u become a model.. hahah =) but as crazy as always.. =p u happy apple.. hahaha

ShiXin said...

haha thanks babe! arhhhh i miss u lots =(

Leonard said...

Hehe. Happy Apple ? So cute..

angieflo said...

hahaha yea, i know u'll miss me.. hahahah cheh~ =p