Jun 15, 2009

Bruise but Yay !

OMG did u see that ? Did you see THAT?? I can't wear sleeveless these few days already. Arh Gosh its damn bad. Sucha big ugly bruise on my shoulder.. ! Sob..

But its good. Its all GOOD. Cuz i DID IT !

Oh yeah, I DID IT !!

YESH ! I repeat , I DID IT !!!!


!!!!I DID IT !!!!

( ok i know you started to get tak sabar d)


Yo pepz


Bwahah ! damn happy..

What?! I cant believe myself I did it.

I know my face is cacat-ed but hey, who ask you to see my face? see me FREEZED larh!

Peace out~! Yo~!
(err..that's how hip hoppers talk rite? gah..)


EVo said...

the only time where i'm in this position is when i fall down the stairs....and it only last 1/2 second before i break 2 teeth and my nose LOL

Leonard said...

Good Job Darling !

Next time we Freeze together and take picture. *smile*

Baldwin said...

wow!!! Addy did a F.R.E.E.Z.E yo!!~~ xD

*clap..clap.* but the bruise..*ouch

angieflo said...

OMG!!!! WOW!!! *claps!!!*

ShiXin said...

Evo - oh man , hahaha cute larh the way u talk. LOL . ok plzz plzz don fall down from stairs, i don wan to see u to lose ur teeth. hahaha

Leo - ok dear~! let's freeze..Evo!faster take our pic !*ka chiak*

Baldwin - Thanks haha but i think thats the only one thing i can do cus the others are too hard..
arhh hurts TT

Angela -hehehehehe thanks dear =)

EVo said...

I can do a crow - yoga pose. is that counted?

ShiXin said...

LOL, wuhuu Evo ~!haha ya counted! =p

Adalia (-.-) said...

hmm.. cold anot?

Nowonder nowadays ur face is getting chubbier.Curi-curi do this so the fats all kumpul kat ur face. xDDD

ShiXin said...

wah very cold lor u.. =.=

eh eh , don simply say .. there's no thoery like that wan ok? hehe don force me to bocor your rahsia as where your fats kumpul kat.. LOL