Jan 4, 2010

A Fun Hangout with Alamanda !!!

Few weeks ago I had a fun day-out with these cool bunch of ppl to Alamanda, Putrajaya. First of all, just wanna say a BIG BIG thank you to Advertlets & Alamanda for this super duper amazing trip =D

We did rock climbing at The Challenge Park and gosh, I'm so excited cus this was my first time doing it !! X)

But damn, my heart was beating super fast at the moment I step into this rock climbing gym, it was super huge!! Apparently it is the Asia's largest rock climbing gym =O

Aites, my heart was beating fast not because I'm amazed by how big it is lah actually..ergh, fyi.. Im just abit scared of heights, yea.. just abit .. =s

"Banggg!!" T.T embarrassed sial, I bang my head half way through climbing.. sobbbb.. sigh, my first time lahh okayyy... hahaha..

BUT my darling was so proud of me cus I din give up n keep on climbing and REACHED the top.. teeeheeee
(Belinda, Addy, Leonard)

(Addy, Amanda Cheo)

Next, we visited Pullman Resort Hotel. The hotel is really nice I must say and its so relaxing with nice views and stuff. It will be a good place for you if you wanna have a retreat =)

Buffet Lunch at the hotel.. and damn I Lurrrrveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the FOOD ! slurp..

Well after the lunch we went for water sports ! I did tube surfing with my darling =p sorry guys I don have pics for it..but geeee love the experience of being threw into the water.
Aites, for you who doesnt know what it is, this is tube surfing.. just imagine my face is there la k.. lol..
Had fun with you guys =)
I don really know Putrajaya is so fun until I joined this trip.. You can shop all day long in the mall, experience rock climbing in the Asia's largest rock climbing gym and enjoy water sports !
Visit Putrajaya and you will definately enjoy as much as I am =)


Adalia said...

wahh.. eh y u sudd blog? LOL

angieflo said...

finnaaaawlllyyy update!!! hahaha anyway, i changed my blog link. relink me. =)