Aug 27, 2010

Addy is Back !

I AM back to BLOG !! *clap clap clap clap clap* :D HAhaha... Omg finally I blog again !! It's like I've ditched my blog for dunnu how many decades n I think many people have already forgot about my blog eh.. aish aish.. But seriously.. I miss blogging ey :p

Ohya before I forget.. ignore me for this part... *SCREAMSS * "ANGELA FOO !! I BLOG ALREADY, NAH ! HAHAHAHAHAHA...!" :p

Ehehe.. so yeah in case u r wondering what's been up to my life lately? I've been really practising my dance, as there will b a performance next week in CHC.. Gin, a dance instructor from O School Singapore came down and train us.. Those sessions were amazing and crazy !! The way she cheoro, teach and all... OMG Salute !! I wanna be like her !!!

I was very inspired by her already and so ngam I've got free passes for STEP UP 3D screening ! OMG Thanks alot Advertlets and especially Evo :)

photo credit to Advertlets

The movie was seriously friggin superly AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! The DANCE stepsss..

Makes me wanna just stand up n dance together with em.. Haha.. If u are sitting beside me, I believe u can hear me 'WOW' all the way through.. LOL..

Especially both of them, Rick Malambri & Sharni Vinson.. they really made me............

*nose bleed*


I bet after u've done watching and walk out from the hall, you will start shaking your booty n dance without u even realizing... cus thats what happened to me.. hehe.. ciaoz ! <3

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AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

Yes u WOW all way through..hahahaha! :p