Oct 14, 2010


Been to 7aste last Friday and it was such an honor to be invited as VIP :D
There were sport cars parking outside the entrance and I feel like a superstar entering to the place. HAhaha ! The place was glam ! And of course how would I forget to bring ma crazy friends to party together with me? Hehe. Oh well, let the pictures do the talking !
Here are my guests ! :)
[L to R] KC, Sarah, Alexis, Me, Evelyn, WeiXin, Sheue Yi

We had 3 Bottles of complimentary champagne AND FREE FLOW of Beer !!! Heaven! XD

Here comes the super cool magician, Zlwin to perform some awesome magic to us ! OMG OMG the Fork just bend and twisteddd in just few seconds :O

Me, Zlwin, Alicia and Jolene :)

Pretty Alicia :D
Xiang :)
Evie, Sheue Yi, WeiXin, Leonard, Me and Sarah babe
The Boyfie :)
Dar n me !

Hahahaha I just love this pic, they look so cute !
They had some awesome performances also.. Hot chicks shaking booties on stage woohoo !

Beer and champagne! She loves it till max!!! Haha!!

Poser dar & Cheeky WeiXin XP

Cheers ! :)
Sarah babe !! :)

It has been an awesome night experiencing such fabulous event by 7aste :) Enjoy every bit of it! Oh well, thats about it. I can't wait for the next one already. WHEN IS THE NEXT 7ASTE? XD XD

{pic credit: KC, YongXiang, Nelson & Feeq}

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Leonard said...

You look so pretty dear !