Nov 22, 2010

FINALLY, everything is over. Exams finished. SOTA has passed. And now I have time again to blog. Weehee :D Well, just a short one. :)

Just that I thought I can relax and all when I'm back to hometown.. I'm down with fever ! Oh my, what a timing :( oh well, but I'm taking it positively, you won't see a patient still jumping around when they are sick. haha thats what I do, jumping around n still joke with my sis trying to psycho myself that I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick I'm not sick . Lol.

Arh I'm so gonna miss u guys.. especially those who are real close with me. Flying off this Friday already and I hope everything will be smooth there :) Heard it'll will snowing ! Hahahaha.. weeeee *turns around and peace* haha !

And oh, looking forward to this Friday, hehehehehe gonna torture 'someone' hard ! bahahahahhahahaha ! *evil* hehe nah, just joking la.. we'll have a good time together ;p *wink*

I think thats all for now, will update u all when I went to Beijing ! Loves . xoxo .


Annie said...

May I know what course are you taking?

ShiXin said...

Marketing and Management :)